Where we are…

3861WellnessFirst! is located at 3861 N First Ave and 3847 N First Ave. One shared driveway, ample parking in front and in back. Please do NOT park in the covered areas.

Tucson AZ 85719

520-209-1755  P

520-798-2468  F

Watch for the red mailbox

at the driveway!

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What we are…

We are an integrated wellness center providing a variety of alternative healing modalities and educational opportunities for the Tucson Community. We provide Naturopathic Medicine, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, Colon Hydro-therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Reeducation, Structural Integration, Acupuncture, oriental medicine, massage therapy, psychotherapy, hypnosis, counseling / life coaches,  breathing with ease/meditation, as well as shamanic work!

WellnessFirst! is proud to be the home office of SARSEF, Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation.  Help us support our youth and learn more about SARSEF.

Other events include  The Tucson Writers Group, Science of Spirituality, Yoga, 830 AM Workout, and the Tucson Energy Healers.  See our Calendar for listings and times.

Who we are…

A group of open minded, like minded healing professionals who have created an environment designed to be positive, healthy and patient focused, where all are welcomed regardless of sexual orientation, race etc. We are accepting, compassionate, patient and understanding of the many varieties of ailments that many people need assistance resolving.  We collaborate to provide healthy experiences for those ready to reach optimal health and wellness.

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