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Optimal Wellness Plan

We have learned over the years, there are very specific tests required to actually start a baseline starting point measuring ones health, and then to repeat those annually in order to have an ongoing comparison capability. We have learned that people need to be heard and they need to know someone truly is not only listening but compiling that story in order to look at what would actually work toward assisting them in achieving optimal well being.

Because we have listened and learned, we have put together a program that provides you with a doctor who pays attention and provides you with opportunity 365 days a year and who provides the tests required to provide that baseline information in order to actually come up with a viable diagnosis AND treatment plan that includes follow up!

Our Optimal Wellness Plan provides the following

A) You receive an initial 2 hour appointment with Dr Saber where she will gather data and information from you about you.
B) You will receive a very thorough physical exam.
C) We do a blood draw where you will have 16 separate blood tests run.
D) You will receive a saliva kit that will provide total hormonal measurements.
E) You will have a Return Office Call with Dr Saber to go over the findings and receive a treatment plan that actually works.
F) You will have three additional hours of appointments with Dr Saber over the balance of the year where you can check in, provide more insight to how you’re doing, ask questions etc. You receive an entire year of priority coverage, a concierge service, with Dr Saber.

This is an $1800 value over the course of the year. However, we have created this program to be affordable. We make this program available for $400 the first month with your signed contract, followed by eleven (11) payments of $125 each. Your health will love you. You can improve your body image. You can have the energy and feel good attitude you were born to have.

This is a concierge service providing limited memberships. You will find our staff ready willing and able to assist you when you need us. How many of you carry your doctors personal cell number in your phone, knowing you can actually call YOUR doctor when ever necessary? Our patients do.

If additional tests are necessary, you’ll receive a discount off of the normal retail cost of that/those tests as you’ll find we strive to assist you in being as healthy as you choose to be.

Are you ready to be the you you always dreamed of being?

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