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Testimonials for Dr. Zach Saber

Checkmark_27I’ve been a physician for over 30 years and had never found anyone that works like you do. You listen. You look. You ask questions that seem off the wall, but made total sense when you showed me what you found in my structure. You then said you’d fix me right up… and proceeded to do just that! I truly understand the comment “hurts so good” now. I feel great and am mobile, pain free again. See you next week!

JB 2/2016

Checkmark_27I have never done this, never written a letter to say thank you for hurting me! You know I’m laughing even as I’m flipping you off. I can walk. Without pain! I can dance again! You took the time to explain how my pelvis and hip were affecting my legs. You actually fixed me! I look forward to our maintenance sessions!

DS 1/2016

Checkmark_27Zach- You have given me a gift … A gift of letting go of my fears and embracing a bright future. I won’t ever forget this experience and the kindness you have shown me!

LS 6/2014

Checkmark_27Its true, Zach is a true miracle worker! I now understand why so many told me to see him. I only wish I’d listened sooner! I am now referring everyone to him.

AR 3/2014

Checkmark_27I was on early disability due to migraines. I moved to Tucson for the weather and dry air hoping that would help. I took Imitrex every day to survive. Then I went to see Zach. I now take Imitrex maybe two times a month. Just when a migraine starts in the middle of the night, then I get in to see Zach and he gets rid of it. Miracle worker with magic hands.

CS 2/2014

Checkmark_27I had to buy this card for Zach; “A special thank you, Acts of kindness warm the heart, soothe the soul, and make the world turn more gently. It’s nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good. Thank YOU For being someone really special!”
May all the joy you bring to others, all the kindness you show to others, and all the love you give, return to you today and everyday. May God continue to bless you and your family forever! So glad you happened into my life! Thinking of you, you healed my sisters breathing, you saved her from all that pain. You have supported us through this time of healing, much love

MS 2013

Checkmark_27Zach is my miracle worker. 10 years ago doctors told me I’d be on oxygen 24 hours a day for the rest of my life due to an anesthesia problem during surgery. For the past 10 years I’ve been given or on Sombian, Advair…every known inhaler the doctors could give me, all to no avail. In fact, with negative results.
Zach you’re a gift from God. I am now healed! It is a true miracle! One that I never believed possible, words of gratitude are almost impossible to convey. Thank you thank you thank you and bless your for ever.

SP 3/2012

Checkmark_27Some months ago I was experiencing steadily worsening sharp pain in the bottom of my foot, and increasingly difficulty walking. I was also becoming quite concerned about my future mobility and employment. Then a friend suggested I call Zach. On the first visit, Zach told me that the pain in my foot was caused by scar tissue in my hip resulting from a 3 1/2 year old hip replacement and subsequent tightening of my leg and foot muscles.
I immediately started deep muscle therapy on a twice a week basis and was rapidly relieved of my intense pain.
It also became obvious that my compensation for the foot pain had disrupted the structure of the muscles in both legs , my back and even my shoulders. (Everything really is connected to everything else!)
After several months of therapy I was down to one session every two weeks! I am not only free of pain, but have regained much of my former mobility. As a result, I have been able to continue full-time employment that requires steady walking and carrying loads up to 50 pounds.
Also, my 15 year old grand son and I built a large raised covered fruit and vegetable garden, a project formerly unthinkable!
I now see Zach once per month! Just staying tuned up!
What a positive effect Zach’s therapy has had on the quality of life for this 80 year old man! Thank you Zach!

RS 3/2012

Checkmark_27“I’d like to speak particularly to trauma survivors. Zach not only “gets it” as a veteran, but he has the compassion to create a safe space and the skill to help you release some trauma wounds that may be invisible to other body workers and traditional medical personnel. My trauma stemmed from early childhood not from a war zone and, as a woman, I was a bit hesitant about doing body work with a man. Zach did a great job of creating a matter-of-fact, safe and comfortable environment for me to release some major pain and rigidity that I have literally had my entire life and assumed were permanent. He seems to be deeply intuitive and combines that with a respectful and non-judgmental “get it done” approach that means you will release the pain and get back to your life in the absolute minimum sessions needed.”

3/ 2012 Trauma Survivor

Checkmark_27Zach, I want to thank you for giving me back my mobility. I had suffered from back pain and migraine headaches for years. You have not only relieved my back pain but given me lessons on a whole body approach, including nutrition, to prevent re-occurrence. I could not have believed that small changes to my posture and hydration could have such a profound effect on my life. I now have fewer headaches due to neck pain and working on your suggestions to become even more free of the migraines. If you could only help me with my forehand return I would hire you full time as my coach.

GK 8/ 2012

Checkmark_27 Hi Zach: I just wanted to let you know how amazed I am with this process. I woke up feeling great! My left leg is feeling so good. I cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back!
I look forward to our next session. Have a great weekend and TGIF!

YV 3/ 2011

Checkmark_27Hi Zach, What a difference! Since the work you did relating to the auto accident I can now sleep comfortably on my left side!! And I can’t believe I went from believing I would need hip surgery soon to now being pain free. Every time I do floor exercises I half anticipate the pain I used to feel in certain positions, and now I don’t even feel a trace of the old injury!
Thank you.

SC 5/ 2011

Checkmark_27A 2nd person who I see regularly at LA Fitness commented on my walk.

An acquaintance I’ve chatted with as we passed each other at the gym, requested permission to ask a personal question. “Oh, yeah, sure…I love to talk about myself!” “You used to walk differently. What have you been doing? Now your walk is almost normal.”

An “almost normal” walk – Wow! It was wonderful to hear this. I am a 65 year old woman and until recently, walked with a rigid gait, resembling that of Frankenstein’s monster. Chronic neck and back pain was only temporarily relieved with chiropractic treatment and yoga. Eleven months ago, I began working with Zach to release abdominal adhesions (internal scar tissues the result of surgeries) and the scoliosis that is responsible for neck pain, back pain, and impeded my ability to move and rest comfortably all my life. With just the just the right amount of pressure in just the right places, Zach’s changed the structure of my body. I am much more at ease in my body than I was a year ago. Zach knows what he’s doing, his intuition is powerful, I trust him, and am so pleased that I’ve persisted with the treatments over this year.

CJ 2/2017

Checkmark_27When I went for a massage (Myofascial Release) of my back just after receiving my last thermogram, it was very helpful for him (Zach Saber) to see exactly where the muscles had formed what he called `white fluff’ between the muscle layers, limiting their smooth movement, ultimately resulting in painful aches. After his deep muscle massage (Myofascial Release) to remove that `fluff’ in my back and neck (observing the red areas on my thermogram), I was amazingly free of the aches. Since then, I am trying to remember to get away from the computer more frequently, and doing a few stretches and turns to prohibit new fluff formation. Thanks again for those wonderful thermograms and your helpful explanation of them.

A happy and appreciative client,

DA 2/2017

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