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Testimonials for Dr. DeeAnn Saber

Checkmark_27“The need to be heard, understood, and validated is arguably just as important in regards to recovery, as the correct prescription of supplements or medications. In both of these ways, Dr. Saber is exceptional. It is also much more rare these days to find a medical practitioner who couples the passion and care of their heart with the intellect of the mind – using this as a tool in the world – as Dr. Saber does. I am profoundly grateful to have found her, and would give my most heartfelt and highest recommendation to anyone searching for answers to their health suggestions.”

SB – 5/23/2016

Checkmark_27“I’ve seen so many other doctors, but you’re the first one that actually listened to what I told you! You asked questions I’ve NEVER been asked and, here it is three weeks later and I’m actually better! I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel and I’m getting well! I thank you so very much!

AO – 3/2016

Checkmark_27“I wanted to say how grateful I am to have found Dr. Saber. I so appreciate her personal approach to healthcare and her honesty and openness. Thanks to her I am getting better! She is awesome…

BF – 1/2015

Checkmark_27“It amazes me that an ND is the one that found the tumors, the ND paid attention. The MD said I was out of my mind. She, Dr. Saber, listens. She pays attention to what is going on as well as to what you say. She doesn’t brush aside our concerns or fears. She doesnt feed the fears either which is miraculous in and of itself! Totally thorough and I thank her for all she’s done for me.

DGM 3/12

Checkmark_27“”I had the most thorough and complete physical examination I have ever had. Dr. Saber impressed me with her professionalism and attention to detail.

RW 3/12 (male)

Checkmark_27“Here’s a great business and biz couple for your writing consideration. These guys are adorable and operate a very successful business thats just celebrated 3 yr anniversary … they’d be great feature for a story. This darling couple moved here from Seattle about the same time as I did. They opened up their joint practice 3 years ago and are now expanding, taking on an adjacent building and growing their practice. They’re such amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs! And they’re exactly what will make this town continue to flourish! They have great stories too. Very warm and hearty people. You’ll love them! Have fun!

PS Dr. DeeAnn is one of our cool Body and Sol Advisory Board Members. She rocks!

B. P. Sep 8, 2013

Checkmark_27“To Whom It May Concern,
I am very thankful for the help I received from WellnessFirst! and the staff who helped me through a difficult time. You were able to help me identify the source of my health issues. After many unsuccessful attempts with medical doctors, Dr. Saber was able to find answers to my health problems. The test she ran for the neurotransmitters was a big help in pinpointing almost all the health issues I was having. I am very lucky I was able to find answers I was searching for. The program I went through at WellnessFirst! (Discovery Project) also helped me recognize and understand the importance of well being, and how things such as relationships and emotional issues can have a big impact on your health either negatively or positively.

I am continuing with the natural medicine recommended by Dr. Saber and also using the techniques I learned such as yoga, mindfulness, The Four Agreements etc. to heal myself. Everyone at WellnessFirst! was very supportive, caring and helped me to heal mentally, physically and emotionally. You were all a big part in my recovery, and I would recommend you to anyone going through any type of problem that requires healing and support.

Thank you all very much.
Bryan 09/16

Checkmark_27Dr. Saber,
First I want to thank you for for being so kind and caring to me each time I am in the office. It is so very comforting to know that you recognize, remember and acknowledge me each time I have come in. Knowing that you and the other professionals in your building care so much, is what makes the hour drive across town to your office well worth it.

Thank you also for taking the time to look at this and determine if it is a supplement I should add to my daily routine. I showed the information to Dr. Ruddy and she thought it was Ok, but wanted to also check with you.

I find great peace in knowing that I have found such caring professionals who truly want to take the time to make me a healthier human.

Checkmark_27Good Morning,

I found Dr.Saber on the internet looking for a Naturopath Dr. in Tucson,AZ.
She dealt with thyroid issues and I had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
and was not happy with the endocrinologist I was seeing. It was just “take
more drugs” and not open to any natural way of dealing with my symptoms

Dr. Saber was more than thorough at my first office visit and over the course of 8 months she ordered many tests that no other Dr. had foreseen to order.

It showed I had Hashimoto’s and with Dr. Saber’s help she also realized I had an issue with gluten intolerance.That was a game changer with my leaky gut problems for sure. How easy if a Dr. just takes the time to listen to your symptoms and thinks outside the pharmaceutical box that other Dr’s live under.

I started taking the supplements and enzymes she recommended and I was feeling much better. Within 8 months, my blood test showed my Antibodies for Hashimoto’s had gone down considerably. Even my regular Dr. asked me how I did this.Well, a clean, Non-GMO, Organic and gluten-free lifestyle certainly helped in this equation.

I felt I was on the road to a healthier lifestyle for sure. Much to my surprise, I had a routine colonoscopy, and it showed a tumor on the right side of my colon where the small meets the large. It was cancerous and I had to have it removed surgically. Wow, that was a major blow, but I like to believe that my healthier lifestyle helped slow that from spreading.

Anyways, after the surgery was over, I called Dr. Saber and went to see her for her advice on what to do next to help eradicate any stray cancer cells in my bloodstream. Her office had been doing Ozone treatments for a while and she suggested I try the IV’s for 6 sessions and do some other immune boosting IV’s also. She suggested I read Ty Bolinger’s book, Cancer, Think Outside the Box.
This book is a must read for everyone, cancer or no cancer…it is a life changing book full of pertinent information on how to live healthy and cancer free.

Dr. Saber is a caring person and I couldn’t have found anyone better to help me get through this scary time; her nurse Vonnie is a sweet heart and so caring also. They both were by my side holding my hand and giving me such wonderful support. The Dr. explained everything to me about my surgery and went over the
pathology reports. She told me about my CEA # that showed a 20 before the surgery which no one else had mentioned. After my first 3 Ozone treatments, my # was a 2.1. After all the treatments, it dropped to a 1.1. That was awesome news.

I have also purchased an Ozone machine for home that I can do every day if need be. Dr. Saber has been so helpful and supportive with me through this ordeal and I am forever grateful for her calm and practical advice .I will be continuing my health journey with her and I strongly recommend her .



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