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Zachary M Saber

Besides being co-owner of Transformational Medicine PLLC, Recipient of the Minority and Small Business Alliance of Southern Arizonas “Service Firm of the Year 2015”, I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, Structural Integration and Neuromuscular Re-education with nearly 20 years of hands on experience. 

I am Board Certified in Holistic Mental Health, a life coach and a minister. When warranted, I include Holistic Mental Health guidance and life coaching to assist you in releasing emotional attachments, pains and limitations in your life as well as teaching you tools to move forward and tools to assist you in changing behaviors and thought patterns that are damaging to your life. I am also the Co-founder and Outpatient Services Director of Addiction to Connection: The Discovery Project. Please refer to www.addictiontoconnection.com for more information

As you change physically, you are changing emotionally and internally as well. You are releasing the emotional attachment to injury / pain or experience. Perhaps you want to free yourself to experience life more fully. You can release issues, emotions, limitations, anxieties, and fears that are locked in your soft tissues and muscles. You can remove fright/flight/freeze/fight from you immediate response mechanisms. Move past the PTSD symptoms and trauma remnants so that you are able to life the life you want to life.

Whether the pain is visceral, fascial, neuro or radiucular pain this concept works and is applied this way:

My goal is to not only increase your range of motion and pleasure but to alleviate your pain. To do this, I focus on fascial tissue (fluidy tissue that surrounds all muscles and organs allowing them to move without sticking) by also removing emotional attachments that we associate with that pain / discomfort / limited range of motion etc. I ‘coach’ the client, both physically and verbally, into releasing the issues and or the emotions thereby allowing me to release the adhesion’s (physically and emotionally) that limit them and displays itself as pain (acute and chronic), stiffness, inability to move, lack of energy, depression etc.

Most depression is caused by chronic inflammation in the body. The body can be depressed, the emotions can be, the mind can be… I attempt to make the changes to the body to allow a release of depression and assist in finding healthy outlets people will actually do.  We have located an amazing video that explains fascia and what it is exactly; The Fuzz.  Please be aware, this video uses cadavers to show the muscles, the fascia etc.

It can hurt in this sense; IF there is pain in the body where we are working, pain will be released. To be released it is felt, and then it’s gone. When a person is already in pain they have a hard time seeing this, they think “Oh no more pain, I can’t do that.” It’s not MORE pain, its releasing the existing pain and then there is NO pain. It can be uncomfortable; people  learn how to check into their bodies for how they ‘feel’.

People with emotional issues get to learn how to physically ‘feel’ their bodies, not just express descriptions they’ve heard.  Anytime we hit an uncomfortable zone you know we’re making changes and exploring new avenues. Quite exciting to do and go through. It can be exhilerating. For all the above reasons. A new found freedom of movement, of breathing, less pain or no pain, increased range of motion ..increased energy etc…

I love what I do. I love how it always works. Don’t confuse this with all people get the same results. I don’t do cookie cutter work. I work with each person along the lines of what their bodies need. Need is based on client input, client history and client structural analyses.

A first session is approximately two (2) hours in duration. A brief written intake, then an extensive verbal discussion of your history. Then, with you in the minimal amount of clothing you are comfortable in, you and I do a structural analyses.  We look at how you walk, how you sit, how you stand,  where you breathe, what you feel, where you twist or pull, where you’re stuck etc.  You and I look at the results and create the game plan, the work we’ll do that day based on the priorities you give me when we meet.

Tired of being in pain yet?  See me at least once before you opt for surgery. You have only pain to lose.

Know the Source of Your Pain

Also called nerve-injury pain, this kind of pain happens because of damage to some part of the nervous system, which includes the nerves, the spinal cord and the brain. For example, it can be caused by compression of a nerve, nerve damage, or injury to the brain or spinal cord. “If the pain is burning, feels like a dagger, or the feeling is associated with numbness or tingling, then it’s neuropathic pain” says Dr Schneider


This is a type of neuropathic pain where pressure on the nerve roots causes the pain to travel directly down the path of the nerve. “This implies that nerves in the neck or spine are being compressed or irritated and the pain shoots down the leg or arm’ says Dr Stanos. (DO, director of the Center for Pain Management at the Rehab Inst. of Chicago).


This kind of pain is caused by the stimulation of pain receptors on either the surface of the body or in the musculoskeletal tissues inside the body. The source of pain can be tissues such as the skin, muscle, tendons, bones and ligaments.


A type of somatic pain, Myofascial pain essentially describes muscle pain. It can include either a single muscle or a muscle group. “Some component of this pain involves the muscles, fascia or soft tissues. It’s a very common pain problem that is often overlooked.” says Dr Stanos.


This form of pain is related to the internal organs of the body’s main cavities such as the heart, lungs, bladder and other organs. “It’s a more vague kind of pain – sometimes we don’t know where it comes from” says Dr Schneider.

I believe all people can choose to be healthy and to live pain free lives, once they are taught how to achieve their goals.

Rates are $90 per 50 minute treatment, $190 for the first treatment which is approximately 2 hours.

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